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HFR Industry Summits: Outlook 2011 & Asia 2010

Hedge Fund Research, Inc. was proud to host:

HFR Industry Summit: Outlook 2011 
November 17-18, 2010
Peninsula Hotel - Chicago

HFR Industry Summit: Outlook 2011 was a private engagement featuring some of the industry’s most influential hedge fund managers and most sophisticated and significant investors.

The two-day event was structured so as to feature two major hedge fund strategies each day. The major strategies were: Macro, Equity Hedge, Event Driven & Credit and Relative Value. Each of the sessions contained four or more hedge fund managers, who sequentially and independently addressed the audience on the most relevant themes in their strategy, the overall industry or specific to their fund, with a focus on characterization of the most compelling opportunities moving forward. When each of the four participants completed their independent presentation, the moderator opened the session up for audience questions.

To underscore the caliber of content and quality of speakers for the Summit, video clips from each of our previous engagements are available for review.

Are you interested in attending a future event?

Contact HFR at summit@hfr.com


Scenes from HFR Industry Summit: Outlook 2010

Click here to view Video Clips from past events

For questions regarding HFR Industry Summit events please contact HFR at summit@hfr.com

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