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HFR Software Partner: RiskData

HFR Database Software Partners
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HFR Database Software Partner: RiskData

RiskData, the leading provider of risk management solutions to the worldwide alternative investment marketplace has partnered with HFR, the leading provider of hedge fund data to allow their users to seamlessly leverage the latest risk information contained in the wide HFR dataset.

RiskData FOFIX®

FOFiX® is the Risk Management Solution specifically designed for the needs of fund of hedge-funds, and investors of hedge-funds. It covers all stages of the risk management process, from Risk Profiling, Screening, Monitoring, Portfolio Construction, Risk Testing and Risk Reporting.

Typical RiskData product Users include:
  • Fund of Fund Managers
  • Hedge Fund Managers
  • Mutual Fund Asset Managers
  • Pension Plans
  • Family Offices
  • Banks

Why are RiskData products different from other risk management solutions?
  • RiskData's methodologies are forward looking, accounting for the specificities of hedge-funds, such as dynamic strategies, or little disclosure
  • RiskData provides a dedicated factor model and methodology, allowing profiling of each hedge-fund to assess and quantify its multiple risk drivers.
  • RiskData AlphaRisk Screener goes well beyond simple Sharpe Ratio based rankings. It allows searching for funds displaying very specific risk profiles, to create hedges, or increase wanted exposures.
  • RiskData's methodologies allow for a consistent aggregation of risk across all underlying funds, whatever their style and their approach to risk transparency (opaque or fully transparent)
  • RiskData offers solutions enabling interactive asset allocation and allows combining expected evolution of macro factors, manager's ratings and the marginal risk contribution of each individual fund.
  • RiskData products have been specifically developed to support all fund types, all asset-classes and types (including exotic derivatives), while capturing the risk of highly hedged strategies.
  • RiskData products are real time and intuitive. They enable hedge fund managers to maintain complete control over their risk profile and to integrate risk/return targets at any stage of their strategy's implementation.
  • RiskData products come packed with more than 15000 daily cleansed and updated risk factors.
  • RiskData's Value-at-Risk calculation is Monte-Carlo based, adapted to several time horizons, and factoring in realistic volatility change in its models.
  • RiskData products are complete process oriented solutions, producing risk-reports to address any internal or final investor requirements.

Why should you use RiskData FOFIX® application when using the HFR database?
  • You want to quantitatively assess the risk profile of each hedge fund against an extensive set of dedicated factors, enabling you to rationalize your qualitative analysis.
  • You want to find the best possible candidate among thousands, matching specific risk/return parameters within a multi-dimensional risk framework.
  • You want to understand and monitor the changes in risk trends in a wide universe.
  • You want to apply or test your own specialized factors within RiskData's complete framework, enabling you to support your own quantitative research.
  • You want to be able to anticipate extreme fund movements searching for risk drivers that may not have yet created losses, even outside known crises.
  • You want to perform portfolio-level risk simulation, creating multi-level aggregated figures and computing numerous risk indicators such as Marginal and Incremental Value-at-Risk.
  • You want to understand the risk concentration of your portfolio or search for unwanted sources of risk.
  • You want to simulate the impact of allocation changes on the Fund of Funds profile or understand the effect of adding or removing a hedge fund from your portfolio
  • You want to perform Stress Testing.
  • You want to perform static and dynamic peer-groups analysis.
  • You want to comply with your client's requirement for proper risk reporting.

Learn More about RiskData: Headquartered in Paris with offices in New York and London, RiskData is the leading provider of risk management solutions to the global alternative investment market. RiskData's mission is to support alternative investors and managers in producing robust, risk-transparent, and differentiated performance by providing complete, effortless, continuously evolving and dedicated risk solutions. RiskData provides the tools, for a truly sustainable and diversified growth of the alternative investment industry, with minimal systemic risk.
For more information visit www.riskdata.com or contact RiskData:

RiskData SA, Paris
Phone - +33 1 44 54 35 00

RiskData Inc, New York
Phone - +1 (212) 931 5794

RiskData, London
Phone- +44 (0)20 7659 0433


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