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HFR Database

HFR Software Partner: Finlab (PackHedge)

HFR Database Software Partners
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HFR Database Software Partner: FinLab

Looking for a Faster, More Cost-Effective Way to Analyze HFR Database?

PackHedgeTM by FinLab is the ideal software solution that provides seamless integration with HFR Database. You can quickly import quantitative and qualitative information from HFR Database directly into PackHedgeTM, the world's most advanced solution for hedge fund analysis, hedge fund data management and reporting.

PackHedgeTM will help you to:
  • Merge and aggregate data from multiple sources
        - you won't be forced to choose which data to keep and/or delete

  • Use customizable Status Flags to track funds through entire investment process
        - Invested, Watch, Fired, stages of due diligence... your choice

  • Enhance Due Diligence
        - create and customize an easy-to-import DDQ to use with managers

  • Conduct sophisticated investment analysis
        - multiple time periods, currencies and asset classes

  • Build 'what-if' scenarios for current and proposed portfolios
        - back-test your investment thesis and compare results over any time period

  • Calculate hundreds of statistics to perform proper risk management
        - Sharpe, Sortino, Kurtosis, Volatility, Correlation, among many others

  • Create fluid and flexible groups using advanced query capabilities
        - PackHedgeTM will alert you to any possible changes to group composition

  • Design and automate visually stunning, client-facing reports

  • Generate NAV, liquidity information, fund/investor reports
        - Analyze investor/shareholder level detail (subscriptions/redemptions/fees)

PackHedgeTM offers a powerful application with the following features:

  • OAS (Optimal Aggregated Series)
  • Safe, secure SQL data model
  • Efficient Frontier Portfolio Optimization
  • Integrated Fund of Funds Portfolio Management
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Manager screening - quantitative and qualitative data factors

or call +1.302.468.6925

You can also visit us on the web at www.finlab.com to learn more about how PackHedgeTM can help you maximize your subscription to HFR Database, and all other data you capture.

FinLab SA
Americas: +1.302.468.6925
Asia Pacific: +65.6247.7035
Europe: +41.22.908.2700


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