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Index Redistribution

HFRI Indices HFRX Indices

The HFR Index Direct licensing program allows clients to receive comprehensive access to the most complete and updated performance and constituent information available for client benchmarking and performance evaluation purposes. The licensing program also addresses many of the data provisioning requirements that financial institutions are concerned with when disseminating financial and benchmark data.

Please contact Todd Hartman at todd@hfr.com
or call 312-658-0955 for more information on licensing HFR Index Data

A license is required to engage in the systematic redistribution of the HFR Index Data.

The license provides you with the means and the rights to systematically:
  • Store and update internal company databases with the HFRI and HFRX Index historical data series
  • Distribute index data on web pages or in web-based documents on your company intranet or other password-protected website
HFR Index data licensees receive a dedicated feed of index data. The format of the HFR Index Direct feed is ideally suited to automating the process of updating and aggregating this information.

Features and Benefits of the HFR Index Direct Licensing Program
Also Available:
NEW: HFR Indices Constituent Lists
HFR Index Direct licensees also have the option of accessing HFR Indices Constituent Lists which detail the specific hedge funds comprise each HFRI and HFRX Index. This information was previously available only to firms that licensed the full HFR Database.

Please contact Todd Hartman at todd@hfr.com
or call 312-658-0955 for more information on licensing HFR Index Data

INDEX DATA USAGE NOTICE: All data and content on the HFR website and in the HFR Database products are for your informational and personal use only. The total return data provided on the HFR website, the HFR Database products, and the reports generated from them are for internal, non-commercial use only. The data is not sufficient, comprehensive enough or approved for use in connection with investment products or instruments. You may not copy, redistribute, sell, retransmit, or make the data available to a third party, or otherwise use it for any commercial or public purpose unless you have a separate written agreement with HFR. You require a written license from HFR to use the HFR data, HFR marks and names and/or HFR Index names, including but not limited to use in connection with investment products and instruments (regardless of whether such products or instruments are based on, linked to or track an HFR Index), the name of investment products and instruments, in prospectuses, marketing and other materials publicly or commercially disseminated, benchmarking purposes, and any SEC, government or regulatory filings.

Please contact HFR for additional information at: INDICES@HFR.COM

CONTENT DISCLAIMER: This information is obtained from sources that Hedge Fund Research, Inc. considers to be reliable; however, no representation is made as to, and no responsibility or liability is accepted for, the accuracy or completeness of the information. Information contained herein is subject to change at any time without notice.

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