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All HFRX Indices by Type
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HFRXIndices - Characteristics
HFRX Index
Index Type
Regional Focus
HFRX Absolute Return IndexHFRXARCompositeGlobalUSDDaily
HFRX Aggregate IndexHFRXAGGRCompositeGlobalUSDMonthly
HFRX Alternative Energy IndexHFRXALTEThematicGlobalUSDMonthly
HFRX Asia Composite Hedge Fund IndexHFRXASCRegionalAsiaUSDMonthly
HFRX Asia Equally Weighted IndexHFRXAEWRegionalAsiaUSDMonthly
HFRX Asia ex-Japan IndexHFRXAXJRegionalAsiaUSDMonthly
HFRX Asia with Japan IndexHFRXAWJRegionalAsiaUSDMonthly
HFRX Brazil IndexHFRXBRZLRegionalEmerging MarketsUSDMonthly
HFRX BRIC IndexHFRXBRICRegionalEmerging MarketsUSDMonthly
HFRX China IndexHFRXCHNRegionalEmerging MarketsUSDMonthly
HFRX Diversity IndexHFRXDVRSThematicGlobalUSDMonthly
HFRX Diversity: Women IndexHFRXDVWOThematicGlobalUSDMonthly
HFRX ED: Activist IndexHFRXACTEvent-DrivenGlobalUSDMonthly
HFRX ED: Credit Arbitrage IndexHFRXCREDEvent-DrivenGlobalUSDMonthly
HFRX ED: Distressed Restructuring IndexHFRXDSEvent-DrivenGlobalUSDDaily
HFRX ED: Merger Arbitrage IndexHFRXMAEvent-DrivenGlobalUSDDaily
HFRX ED: Multi-Strategy IndexHFRXEDMSEvent-DrivenGlobalUSDMonthly
HFRX ED: Special Situations IndexHFRXSSEvent-DrivenGlobalUSDDaily
HFRX EH: Energy/Basic Materials IndexHFRXEBMEquity HedgeGlobalUSDMonthly
HFRX EH: Equity Market Neutral IndexHFRXEMNEquity HedgeGlobalUSDDaily
HFRX EH: Fundamental Growth IndexHFRXEHGEquity HedgeGlobalUSDDaily
HFRX EH: Fundamental Value IndexHFRXEHVEquity HedgeGlobalUSDDaily
HFRX EH: Multi-Strategy IndexHFRXEHMSEquity HedgeGlobalUSDMonthly
HFRX EH: Quantitative Directional IndexHFRXQDEquity HedgeGlobalUSDMonthly
HFRX EH: Short Bias IndexHFRXSBEquity HedgeGlobalUSDMonthly
HFRX EH: Technology/Healthcare IndexHFRXTHEquity HedgeGlobalUSDMonthly
HFRX Emerging Markets Composite IndexHFRXEMCRegionalEmerging MarketsUSDDaily
HFRX Equal Weighted Strategies CHF IndexHFRXEWCFX HedgedGlobalCHFDaily
HFRX Equal Weighted Strategies EUR IndexHFRXEWEFX HedgedGlobalEURDaily
HFRX Equal Weighted Strategies GBP IndexHFRXEWGFX HedgedGlobalGBPDaily
HFRX Equal Weighted Strategies IndexHFRXEWCompositeGlobalUSDDaily
HFRX Equal Weighted Strategies JPY IndexHFRXEWJFX HedgedGlobalJPYDaily
HFRX Equity Hedge EUR IndexHFRXEHEFX HedgedGlobalEURDaily
HFRX Equity Hedge IndexHFRXEHEquity Hedge CompositeGlobalUSDDaily
HFRX Event Driven EUR IndexHFRXEDEFX HedgedGlobalEURDaily
HFRX Event Driven IndexHFRXEDEvent-Driven CompositeGlobalUSDDaily
HFRX Fixed Income - Credit IndexHFRXFICThematicGlobalUSDDaily
HFRX Global Hedge Fund CAD IndexHFRXGLCDFX HedgedGlobalCADDaily
HFRX Global Hedge Fund CHF IndexHFRXGLCFX HedgedGlobalCHFDaily
HFRX Global Hedge Fund EUR IndexHFRXGLEFX HedgedGlobalEURDaily
HFRX Global Hedge Fund GBP IndexHFRXGLGFX HedgedGlobalGBPDaily
HFRX Global Hedge Fund IndexHFRXGLCompositeGlobalUSDDaily
HFRX Global Hedge Fund JPY IndexHFRXGLJFX HedgedGlobalJPYDaily
HFRX India IndexHFRXINDRegionalEmerging MarketsUSDMonthly
HFRX Japan IndexHFRXAJPRegionalAsiaUSDMonthly
HFRX Korea IndexHFRXKORRegionalEmerging MarketsUSDMonthly
HFRX Latin America IndexHFRXLARegionalAmericasUSDMonthly
HFRX Macro/CTA EUR IndexHFRXMEFX HedgedGlobalEURDaily
HFRX Macro/CTA IndexHFRXMMacro CompositeGlobalUSDDaily
HFRX Macro: Active Trading IndexHFRXTRADMacroGlobalUSDMonthly
HFRX Macro: Commodity IndexHFRXCOMMacroGlobalUSDMonthly
HFRX Macro: Commodity-Agriculture IndexHFRXAGRIMacroGlobalUSDMonthly
HFRX Macro: Commodity-Energy IndexHFRXENEGMacroGlobalUSDMonthly
HFRX Macro: Commodity-Metals IndexHFRXMETLMacroGlobalUSDMonthly
HFRX Macro: Currency IndexHFRXCURMacroGlobalUSDMonthly
HFRX Macro: Discretionary Thematic IndexHFRXDTMacroGlobalUSDMonthly
HFRX Macro: Multi-Strategy IndexHFRXMMSMacroGlobalUSDMonthly
HFRX Macro: Systematic Diversified CTA IndexHFRXSDVMacroGlobalUSDDaily
HFRX Market Directional IndexHFRXMDCompositeGlobalUSDDaily
HFRX MENA IndexHFRXMENARegionalEmerging MarketsUSDMonthly
HFRX MLP IndexHFRXMLPThematicAmericasUSDDaily
HFRX Multi-Emerging Markets IndexHFRXMEMRegionalEmerging MarketsUSDMonthly
HFRX Multi-Region IndexHFRXMREGRegionalOtherUSDDaily
HFRX North America IndexHFRXNARegionalAmericasUSDDaily
HFRX Northern Europe IndexHFRXNERegionalEuropeUSDMonthly
HFRX Opportunity EUR IndexHFRXOPPThematicGlobalEURDaily
HFRX Relative Value Arbitrage EUR IndexHFRXRVAEFX HedgedGlobalEURDaily
HFRX Relative Value Arbitrage IndexHFRXRVARelative ValueGlobalUSDDaily
HFRX Russia IndexHFRXRUSRegionalEmerging MarketsUSDMonthly
HFRX Russia/Eastern Europe IndexHFRXEERegionalEuropeUSDMonthly
HFRX RV: Energy Infrastructure IndexHFRXEINFRelative ValueGlobalUSDMonthly
HFRX RV: FI-Asset Backed IndexHFRXFABRelative ValueGlobalUSDMonthly
HFRX RV: FI-Convertible Arbitrage IndexHFRXCARelative ValueGlobalUSDDaily
HFRX RV: FI-Corporate IndexHFRXFCORelative ValueGlobalUSDMonthly
HFRX RV: FI-Sovereign IndexHFRXFSVRelative ValueGlobalUSDMonthly
HFRX RV: Multi-Strategy IndexHFRXRVMSRelative ValueGlobalUSDDaily
HFRX RV: Real Estate IndexHFRXREALRelative ValueGlobalUSDMonthly
HFRX RV: Volatility IndexHFRXVOLRelative ValueGlobalUSDMonthly
HFRX RV: Yield Alternative IndexHFRXYARelative ValueGlobalUSDMonthly
HFRX Total Emerging Market IndexHFRXTEMRegionalEmerging MarketsUSDMonthly
HFRX Western/Pan Europe IndexHFRXWERegionalEuropeUSDMonthly


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