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HFRI Indices


HFRI Hedge Fund Indices

HFRI Indices - Index Characteristics

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HFRI Indices - Characteristics
HFRI Index
Strategy Type
Sub Strategy Type
Regional Focus
HFRI Fund Weighted Composite IndexHFRIFWIGlobalCompositeGlobalUSD
HFRI Fund Weighted Composite Index - CHFHFRIFWICGlobalCompositeGlobalCHF
HFRI Fund Weighted Composite Index - EURHFRIFWIEGlobalCompositeGlobalEUR
HFRI Fund Weighted Composite Index - GBPHFRIFWIGGlobalCompositeGlobalGBP
HFRI Fund Weighted Composite Index - JPYHFRIFWIJGlobalCompositeGlobalJPY
HFRI Equity Hedge (Total) IndexHFRIEHIEquity HedgeCompositeGlobalUSD
HFRI EH: Equity Market Neutral IndexHFRIEMNIEquity HedgeEquity Market NeutralGlobalUSD
HFRI EH: Fundamental Growth IndexHFRIEHFGEquity HedgeFundamental GrowthGlobalUSD
HFRI EH: Fundamental Value IndexHFRIEHFVEquity HedgeFundamental ValueGlobalUSD
HFRI EH: Quantitative Directional IndexHFRIENHIEquity HedgeQuantitative DirectionalGlobalUSD
HFRI EH: Sector - Energy/Basic Materials IndexHFRISENEquity HedgeSector - Energy/Basic MaterialsGlobalUSD
HFRI EH: Sector - Technology/Healthcare IndexHFRISTIEquity HedgeSector - Technology/HealthcareGlobalUSD
HFRI EH: Short Bias IndexHFRISHSEEquity HedgeShort BiasGlobalUSD
HFRI Event-Driven (Total) IndexHFRIEDIEvent-DrivenCompositeGlobalUSD
HFRI ED: Activist IndexHFRIACTEvent-DrivenActivistGlobalUSD
HFRI ED: Distressed/Restructuring IndexHFRIDSIEvent-DrivenDistressed/RestructuringGlobalUSD
HFRI ED: Merger Arbitrage IndexHFRIMAIEvent-DrivenMerger ArbitrageGlobalUSD
HFRI ED: Special Situations IndexHFRIEDSSEvent-DrivenSpecial SituationsGlobalUSD
HFRI Macro (Total) IndexHFRIMIMacroCompositeGlobalUSD
HFRI Macro: Active Trading IndexHFRIMACTMacroActive TradingGlobalUSD
HFRI Macro: Commodity IndexHFRIMCOMMacroCommodityGlobalUSD
HFRI Macro: Currency IndexHFRIMCURMacroCurrencyGlobalUSD
HFRI Macro: Discretionary Thematic IndexHFRIMDTMacroDiscretionary ThematicGlobalUSD
HFRI Macro: Systematic Diversified IndexHFRIMTIMacroSystematic DiversifiedGlobalUSD
HFRI Relative Value (Total) IndexHFRIRVARelative ValueCompositeGlobalUSD
HFRI RV: Fixed Income-Asset Backed IndexHFRIFIMBRelative ValueFixed Income-Asset BackedGlobalUSD
HFRI RV: Fixed Income-Convertible Arbitrage IndexHFRICAIRelative ValueConvertible ArbitrageGlobalUSD
HFRI RV: Fixed Income-Corporate IndexHFRIFIHYRelative ValueFixed Income-CorporateGlobalUSD
HFRI RV: Multi-Strategy IndexHFRIFIRelative ValueMulti-StrategyGlobalUSD
HFRI RV: Volatility IndexHFRIVOLRelative ValueVolatilityGlobalUSD
HFRI RV: Yield Alternatives IndexHFRISRERelative ValueYield AlternativesGlobalUSD
HFRI Fund of Funds Composite IndexHFRIFOFFund of FundsCompositeGlobalUSD
HFRI FOF: Conservative IndexHFRIFOFCFund of FundsConservativeGlobalUSD
HFRI FOF: Diversified IndexHFRIFOFDFund of FundsDiversifiedGlobalUSD
HFRI FOF: Market Defensive IndexHFRIFOFMFund of FundsMarket DefensiveGlobalUSD
HFRI FOF: Strategic IndexHFRIFOFSFund of FundsStrategicGlobalUSD
HFRI Emerging Markets (Total) IndexHFRIEMVariousVariousGlobalUSD
HFRI Emerging Markets: Asia ex-Japan IndexHFRIEMAVariousVariousAsiaUSD
HFRI Emerging Markets: Global IndexHFRIEMGVariousVariousGlobalUSD
HFRI Emerging Markets: Latin America IndexHFRIEMLAVariousVariousAmericasUSD
HFRI Emerging Markets: Russia/Eastern Europe IndexHFRICISVariousVariousEuropeUSD

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