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HFR Database

HFR Software Partner: Pertrac

HFR Database Software Partners
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HFR Database Software Partner: PerTrac

Investors with HFR Data in PerTrac Analytics can:
  • Automatically screen investment records for duplicates among HFR, your own data, fund-supplied data and/or subscription databases from 3rd party providers.
  • Perform risk/reward analysis on your investments, using over 900 statistics available in a user-friendly, flexible interface.
  • Leverage the powerful Search Builder to screen against quantitative and qualitative criteria of your investment mandates for the funds in the HFRI and HFRX Constituents.
  • Find managers based on various statistical measures , including peer group rankings.
  • Determine how well investment managers in your portfolio follow their stated style objectives and investment guidelines.
  • Build investment reports with ease using drag-and-drop functionality.

Learn more about PerTrac Analytics for Investors

Fund Managers with HFR Data in PerTrac Analytics can:
  • Differentiate your funds and show how you rank versus your peers using the HFRI and HFRX Constituents
  • Analyze your funds using the same tools as your investors
  • Create professional, graphically-rich reports that take your Marketing materials to the next level
  • Demonstrate the value of your fund in a prospective investor's portfolio
  • Identify potential Fund of Funds for your marketing efforts


Learn more about PerTrac Analytics for Fund Managers

For more information please contact sales@pertrac.com

Visit www.pertrac.com to learn more about how the PerTrac Analytical Platform can help you get the most out of HFR investment data.

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