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HFR Software Partner: Fundspire

HFR Database Software Partners
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HFR Database Software Partner: Fundspire

Fundspire is the next generation technology provider in the alternative investment industry that is leading the shift for web-based hedge fund analytics and reporting. Fundspire's innovation allows companies to offer instant and easy access to performance and risk analysis to their investment teams across the globe, as well as providing interactive analytic reporting to investors or clients worldwide.

Through its web-based Analytic and Reporting Platform, Fundspire provides the most compelling and user-friendly analytic solution for hedge fund investors and customized reporting for hedge fund managers.

  • Browse through funds by using the powerful Search
  • Filter through quantitative and qualitative data
  • Compare funds' statistics side by side with a simple drag and drop
  • Create proforma portfolios to determine appropriate allocations
  • Plot a portfolio against the efficient frontier
  • Conduct peer group analysis
  • Create monthly reports highlighting a fund's performance
  • Customize tear sheets and make them available for distribution
  • Use the iPad application while attending conferences

Hedge Funds:
  • Create and customize marketing reports
  • Benchmark against HFR indices and global equity indices
  • Track a fund's performance and risk
  • Showcase funds through the iPad application while meeting potential investors
  • Source for peer funds based on quantitative and qualitative filters
  • Create peer groups to compare a fund's performance

Additional Fundspire Products:
  • API Data Feeds
  • Web Integration with a company's portal
Learn more, find out how Fundspire can save you both time and money. Set up a free trial today!

Call us at 877-407-9592, or visit us at www.fundspire.com

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