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HFR Database


HFR Database

HFR Software Partner: AlternativeSoft

HFR Database Software Partners
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HFR Database Software Partner: AlternativeSoft

NEW: Bundled Savings for New Customers of HFR and AlternativeSoft

Purchase your first HFR Database license with a new AlternativeSoft license
and receive a 14 month subscription for the price of 12 months.

Contact us today for details at +1-312-658-0955 or email database@hfr.com


Are you in search of the perfect software platform to easily navigate through the comprehensive HFR hedge fund database?

If so, then AlternativeSoft analytical investment solution is the right platform for you. By using AlternativeSoft platform, you will be able to easily download the HFR database onto AlternativeSoft's leading portfolio construction, fund selection and return forecasting platform.

The platform enables investors to read the HFR database, search through it and use AlternativeSoft various hedge fund, funds of funds and portfolio simulation models to efficiently build up and manage their portfolios by searching, evaluating and packaging all the investment information into an easy-to-read and pragmatic investment reports.

AlternativeSoft platform is different because:
  • It accounts for the specific characteristics of hedge fund returns
  • It considers the higher moments of hedge fund return distributions and thus delivers more appropriate solutions for specific construction and risk management
  • It is user-friendly and fast
Why should you use AlternativeSoft platform when using the HFR database?
  • You want to verify your hedge fund or portfolio composition
  • You want to implement an investment process by including a quantitative step
  • You want to perfect your fund selection process
  • You want to minimize your portfolio's extreme negative returns'
  • You want to separate hedge fund "alpha" from hedge fund "betas"
  • You want to determine quantitative and qualitative fund ratings
  • You want to forecast the hedge fund index returns and outperform the peers
  • You want to measure the risks and extreme risks of your funds and your portfolios
With AlternativeSoft platform, you will be able to identify superior hedge fund opportunities by providing:
  • Style analysis
  • Portfolio and fund exposure to economic factors
  • Hedge fund quantitative and qualitative ratings
  • Hedge fund alpha and alternative betas computation
  • Portfolio construction with minimization of extreme negative returns
  • Fund of funds construction with or without optimizations
  • Integrates with multiple data providers
  • Portfolio simulation and stress testing
  • Shortfall risk analysis
  • Fund statistics, including extreme-risk analysis
  • Portfolio management
  • Semi-annual updates with new additional models and features
  • Fact sheets, reporting
Learn More about AlternativeSoft:

We are a global company providing a platform for portfolio construction, fund selection and return forecasting for fund of funds, banks and other institutional investors. Please visit our website at www.alternativesoft.com

Phone: +44 (0) 20 7510 2003


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