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HFR Database

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Authorized HFR Database Software Partners

HFR Database is also available for an additional fee through any of the following software packages.

Product Information
Phone: +44 (0) 20 7510 2003
HFR Database
with AlternativeSoft
To license HFR Database for use with AlternativeSoft: contact HFR directly

Backstop Solutions Group
Todd Burns
Phone: 312-277-7701
HFR Database
with Backstop
To license HFR Database for use with Backstop: contact HFR directly

FactSet Research Systems, Inc.
Phone: 1.203.810.1000
HFR Database
with FactSet
To license HFR Database for use with FactSet: contact HFR directly

FinLab (PackHedge)
Phone : +1.302.468.6925
HFR Database
with PackHedge
To license HFR Database for use with FinLab: contact HFR directly

Sales Team
Phone : 212 920 3520
HFR Database
with HedgeServ
To license HFR Database for use with HedgeServ: contact HFR directly

Burlington Hall Asset Management (LaPorte)
Dick Oberuc
Phone: 908-813-0077
HFR Database
with LaPorte
To license HFR Database for use with LaPorte: contact LaPorte directly

Morningstar Direct
Phone: +1 866 910 0840
HFR Database
Morningstar Direct
To license HFR Database for use with Morningstar Direct: contact HFR directly

MPI Stylus Pro
Jeff Schwartz
Phone: 630.357.9144
HFR Database
and MPI
To license HFR Database for use with MPI: contact MPI directly

HFR Database
with PerTrac
To license HFR Database for use with PerTrac: contact PerTrac directly

New York (Headquarters)
84 Wooster Street
New York, NY 10012, USA
TEL: +1-212-334-6866
- - -
To license HFR Database for use with RIMES: contact HFR directly

Risk-AI, LLC
155 Water Street, 5th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Phone: +1 (646) 586-3124
Email: contact@risk-ai.com
HFR Database
with Risk-AI
To license HFR Database for use with Risk-AI: contact HFR directly

RiskData SA, Paris
Phone - +33 1 44 54 35 00
RiskData Inc, New York
Phone - +1 (212) 931 5794
RiskData, London
Phone- +44 (0)20 7659 0433
HFR Database
with RiskData
To license HFR Database for use with RiskData: contact HFR directly

Sungard APT
Alessandro Pavone
Phone: 44-207-831-7600
- - -
To license HFR Database for use with APT: contact APT directly

Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS)
Phone: +1.877.GET.WRDS
Email: wrds@wharton.upenn.edu
HFR Database
and WRDS
To license HFR Database for use with WRDS: contact HFR directly

Zephyr StyleAdvisor
Kelly Higgins
Phone: 775-588-0654
- - -
To license HFR Database for use with Zephyr StyleAdvisor: contact Zephyr directly

INDEX DATA USAGE NOTICE: All data and content on the HFR website and in the HFR Database products are for your informational and personal use only. The total return data provided on the HFR website, the HFR Database products, and the reports generated from them are for internal, non-commercial use only. The data is not sufficient, comprehensive enough or approved for use in connection with investment products or instruments. You may not copy, redistribute, sell, retransmit, or make the data available to a third party, or otherwise use it for any commercial or public purpose unless you have a separate written agreement with HFR. You require a written license from HFR to use the HFR data, HFR marks and names and/or HFR Index names, including but not limited to use in connection with investment products and instruments (regardless of whether such products or instruments are based on, linked to or track an HFR HFRX Index), the name of investment products and instruments, in prospectuses, marketing and other materials publically or commercially disseminated, benchmarking purposes, and any SEC, government or regulatory filings.

Please contact HFR for additional information at: INDICES@HFR.COM

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