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HFR Database

HFR Database Details

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HFR Database Details

HFR provides its data to subscribers via our website in Microsoft Excel and/or Microsoft Access formats and is refreshed three times per month.
The following tables briefly detail the information provided in our native database format.

Administrative Table Regions Table
Performance Table Instruments Table
Assets Table  

Administrative Table
Field Description
Code Unique code specific to each fund
Fund Fund name
Money Manager Money Management firm
Manager Code Unique code specific to each management firm
Structure Legal structure (Caymans Corporation, Delaware LP, etc.)
Principals Principals of the Money Management firm
Address Street & suite details
City City of investment manager
State State or province of Money Manager
Zip Zip code of Money Manager
Country Country of Money Manager base
Phone Telephone number of Money Manager
Facsimile Fax number of Money Manager
Contacts Contact individuals at the Money Management firm
Inception Inception date for the specific fund
Main Strategy Main investment strategy
Sub-Strategy Investment sub-strategy
Strategy Description Detailed description of the investment instruments used in the fund
Fund Assets Total assets in the fund (updated monthly or quarterly)
Fund Assets Currency Currency denomination of fund assets
Fund Assets Date Date of latest fund asset size (historical data is also provided)
Firm Assets Total assets under Money Management firm
Firm Assets Currency Currency denomination of firm assets
Firm Assets Date Date of latest firm asset size
Leverage Fund Leverage Range
Returns Denomination Currency base for the fund performance (i.e. USD, EUR, GBP, etc)
Management Fee Annual management fee percentage
Incentive Fee Annual incentive fee percentage (if available)
High Watermark Specifies if fees are taken only after a high watermark
Hurdle Rate Specifies whether a hurdle rate exists and the hurdle criteria
Sales Commission Fee Front-end or back-end fees for investing/redeeming in the fund
Other Fee Miscellaneous fees for the fund
Minimum Investment Minimum investment for the fund
Min Investment Denomination Currency base for minimum investment of fund
Additional Investments Additional investments allowed in the fund after initial
Individual Accounts Minimum Minimum assets accepted for an individual account
New Investment Specifies if fund is accepting new investment
Open to Investor Type Type of Investors the fund will accept
Performance reporting Intervals between performance reports to investment partners
Reporting Style Indicates fund performance reporting percentage as "net of all fees", "gross of all fees", or 'net of management fee only"
Annual audit Indicates if an annual audit is performed
Last Audit Indicates date of last audit
Audit Firm Specifies the firm that audits the fund and/or Money Manager
Offshore Vehicle Indicates if current fund is an offshore vehicle
Offshore Name Indicates the name of the offshore vehicle, if one exists
Redemptions Redemption intervals from the fund (i.e. monthly, quarterly, annually)
Subscriptions Subscription interval for the fund, if different from redemption interval
Lockup Lockup interval (length of time that new investor cannot redeem assets)
Advanced Days Notice Indicates advance notice, in days, required for Redemptions
Administrator Administrator to the fund, if this is an offshore fund
Custodian Custodian to the fund, if this is an offshore fund
Brokerage Prime brokerage to the fund and/or Money Manager
Banking Agent Banking agent to the fund and/or Money Manager
Legal Adviser Legal Advisor to the fund and/or Money Manager
In HFRI Indicates if fund is included in HFRI Monthly Indices
In HFRX Indicates if a fund is included within the HFRX Indices
Regional Investment Focus Reflects the major region and sub-region of fund investment focus
Emerging Markets? Indicates if the fund's investment focus is concentrated in Emerging Markets
Date Added to DB Reflects the date a fund became active in HFR Database
Domicile Location of Fund registration
Is Diversity Firm? Indicates if Firm is minority-owned
Fund Registration Code Indicates if Fund is registered as 3(c)1 or 3(c)7
Firm SEC Registered Indicates if Firm is SEC-Registered Investment Advisor
Firm SEC Number Registered SEC Number
Firm IARD-CRD Number Registered IARD-CRD Number
Strategy Code Unique code for Main_Strategy field
Sub-Strategy Code Unique code for Sub_Strategy field
Region Inv Focus Code Unique code for Regional_Investment_Focus field
Fund Status Indicates if Fund is Active or Liquidated/No Longer Reporting
UCITSIII Indicates whether or not a fund complies with UCITS reporting methodology
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Performance Table
Field Description
Code Unique code specific to each fund
Fund Fund name
Date Date for performance figure
Performance Percentage performance for fund for month or quarter
NAV Net Asset Value for the fund for this period
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Assets Table
Field Description
Code Unique code specific to each fund
Fund Fund name
Date Date for asset figure
Assets Assets for this period in millions of currency units
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Regions Table
Field Description
Code Unique code specific to each fund
Fund Fund name
Date Date for Region figure
Region Region of investment (Canada, USA, Eastern Europe, etc.)
Long Long allocation in percent
Short Short allocation in percent
Net Net allocation in percent
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Instruments Table
Field Description
Code Unique code specific to each underlying fund
Fund Fund name
Date Date for instrument figure
Instrument Instrument invested (corporate bonds, equities, etc.)
Long Long allocation in percent
Short Short allocation in percent
Net Net allocation in percent
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